The West Valley Art Conpsiracy provides programs and classes in various mediums of expression. Their annual Summer Program invites area youth to attend classes in photography, theater, cooking, drumming, and much more. Professionals and teachers lend their expertise for two weeks to prepare students for a final showcase. The program is held in June each year, open to youth 9-16 years old from Yamhill/Polk Counties. Older students are offered the opportunity to participate in internships.

This year the program was held at the Sheridan High School. In the commons area there were displayed final projects like photos, clay models, and embroidery. Some art pieces were auctioned. In the auditoirum four of the classes performed; Taiko Drumming, Theater with a performance of Hamlet, and the Rockband classes, perfoming original pieces as well as classics like Hey! Ho! Let’s Go by the Ramones.


The Art Conpsiracy is a non-profit orgnization. Tuition pays for supplies, teachers, and scholarships for the next year. You can find out more about the program at See photos from previous years and learn about how the program works. The Art Conspiracy hopes to continue providing classes at the West Valley Community Campus as well, where they have a dedicated art room.