The Innovate Willamina Youth Council held its first meeting on May 1st at the Willamina Public Library. The meeting was attended by several youth and a few adult advisors. They are all members of the community who are interested in lending a hand to our town.

The Council was created in order to form a group of young adults who will develop ideas to improve Willamina. They decided on a three-tiered approach: education, recreation, and service. They hope to create many opportunities to learn, build skills, connect, and recreate. They also want to find new ideas for businesses in our community.

Many of the members agreed that the fiber-optic internet currently being installed will make Willamina more enticing to people who are looking for housing. It will likely be a source of business growth as well.

Many very interesting ideas for new businesses were discussed, such as a bookstore, a cinema, a bowling alley, and possibly a town swimming pool. The Council has many new and innovative plans for the bright future ahead for Willamina.

The Council would like to plan several hands-on educational workshops. They discussed bringing in people with experience in technology to lead these workshops. They want to make the age range of these workshops as broad as possible.

The Council also decided that there should be more social opportunities in the community as well. Their first project will be a movie and board game night at the Willamina Public Library. This event should happen sometime within the month of May. The council will hold their next meeting on May 15 at 4:30 PM in the Willamina Public Library. Youth through age 18 are welcome to attend and assist in creating new programs to serve our community.

T. Morrison Administrator