We are excited to announce Timbertown Media. Timbertown Media is a creative collaboration between local students, community members, and teachers. Ken Potts, a video teacher from the Delphian school, is lending his filmmaking expertise.

This dynamic group, consisting of five students and four adults, will tell Willamina’s story through video. Currently the team is creating a promotional video for the fiber optic 10 Gig Internet that OnlineNW is working diligently to install in Willamina. After that project is complete, Timbertown Media will start a YouTube channel to showcase their work and to make it easier for the public to find.

Future projects include a series of documentaries on a variety of topics including art, local  history, farming, and the timber industry. Christine Talley serves the team as a producer.  “We hope anyone who has an interest in the film industry will join us as we gain more exposure. My personal hope is to have a Willamina news channel where we talk about upcoming events, weather, positive news, etc,” stated Ms. Talley.  

To get involved with with Timbertown Media click here.