Sarah Frost has been working at Willamina Public Library as librarian since August 2016. Since then she has proven herself to be a dedicated and valuable public servant using her creativity and hard work. In the short time that she has been with us, she has done so much with so little. She has performed a great service to the community by organizing events and making the library a fun and better environment. She is motivated by a love of people and helping out and of course a passion for reading.

Before she came, library circulation was very low. People were forgetting about our library. They were having trouble getting the message out that the library was open and ready to be used.  Mrs. Frost was the beacon to those non-frequent library goers. The numbers jumped rapidly, and the library was back on it’s feet.

Mrs. Frost plans a lot for the future. She would like to include more library activities for the youth. Sarah is also very interested in including STEM activities. Mrs. Frost would also like to take out her office and change it into a Makerspace, which is a room made to teach kids about using tools to build, prototype, and create. Mrs. Frost is using her creativity for more and more new things for the library.

Although running a library was hard to handle at first, Mrs. Frost did what it took to get it whipped into shape. Although she is getting a lot done, things would definitely go faster with more people on the job. Volunteers are always needed and if you would like to give back to the community, one major way is helping your local library. Volunteers are especially needed for the upcoming Summer Reading Program. The theme will be Build A Better World. Volunteers are wanted for jobs like assisting performers and overseeing activities. Signing up is a very easy process. Forms are available at the library. Mrs. Frost will be there at the desk, with a pen and paper just for you.

T. Morrison Administrator