The Youth Council of Willamina and the Future of the Library

For the past two months, a group of innovative thinkers have been meeting at the Willamina Library with the goal of improving the future of Willamina. These imaginative minds aren’t the people you would expect. They’re not politicians or business leaders. They’re the Youth Council of Willamina. A diverse age group of students who wish to play a role in Willamina’s story. They want to help build the community that they want to live in. They want to build their future. The future of Willamina.

With the development of fiber internet in Willamina by OnlineNW, many changes have started to take place. At the heart of it is the Willamina Library. Here, Sarah Frost, Willamina’s Librarian, has been working with the Youth Council to develop part of the library into a communal space of learning, a makerspace

Currently, Sarah is remodeling part of the library to create a Makerspace with the help of the Youth Council and several community members. A makerspace is a space where people can come to learn, create and and share ideas and technologies. This space will help make the library into a relevant space for the community again as well as inspire people to learn and create. Already, companies in and outside of Willamina have stepped up to help out. SparkFun, an electronics company focused on open source innovation, is donating several small circuitry kits that will let community members checkout and play with circuits. 

One of the ways the Youth Council is helping transform the library and its makerspace into an experience for the community is by orchestrating the painting of a large mural on one of the walls in the Makerspace. This mural is will monumentalize the Youth Council’s vision of what Timber-Town’s future will be. A declaration of the future that they will help build.

Something truly special is happening in Willamina. The inspiration that has taken hold of this small town. While community members are looking at the installation of fiber internet and thinking of all the innovation that will occur, the young minds of the Youth Council see it as an opportunity to bring Timbertown Together.