The Willamina Civic Club is a non-profit organization established to stimulate pride in our community by its citizens. They would like to help make Willamina a safe and desirable place to live.

The Civic Club was first started in 1932.  It was recently revived in January 2017. Civic Club members are organizing and participating in events for the whole town to enjoy.

They meet on the second Thursday of each month to discuss new ideas for the town. Anyone who has an interest in building community may join. Meetings are held at 340 NW B Street, Willamina.

Marian Lucas, club Treasurer, says “We are devoted to helping the citizens and community of Willamina.” While they have only been active for a short while, they’ve accomplished a lot. Most recently, they partnered with A Family Place and the Tina Miller Thrift Shop to start a monthly distribution day for families to receive diapers and clothing for children free of charge. It will be hosted every third Tuesday of the month at the Civic Club from 10:00 A.M. to noon.

Visit their website at or contact the Civic Club at