Willamina city council members, educators, and community members gathered at a Town Hall meeting Tuesday night to witness the announcement of Willamina as the next 10 gigabit city in Oregon, the second city on the West Coast and 4th in the nation. Volunteers have worked tirelessly for several months to make this dream a reality, organizing a West Valley Make-a-Thon in October and going door to door to gather pre-registrations.

Discussion centered around the opportunities fiber internet will bring to Willamina, how Innovate has already affected students and adults, and what will happen next. Father-Daughter teams Keith and Ava Martin and Justin and Eleanore Stritzke img_7523talked about their experience participating in the make-a-thon and what they hope fiber internet and Innovate Willamina will do for the community.


OnlineNW will begin the construction of the fiber network in January and expects to be finished in 9 months. Innovate Willamina will continue to provide innovative and educational opportunities for youth and adults, partnering with the school district and other organizations to promote growth in the community.

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