Breaking Down Walls To Build The Future: The Willamina Public Library

Willamina is at the forefront of change as the town is exploring new ways to implement an innovate initiative into their school district and community — starting with the library. Sarah Frost is the Willamina Public Library Director, as well as a passionate advocate...

Design Thinking Training: Willamina Together

This past June, local community members gathered at Willamina High School to participate in an interactive training event. The group was lead by Kurt Neville, a CTE teacher at Willamina High School. Organized by Willamina Together, the purpose of the event was to...

The Leaders behind the Innovation in Willamina School District

Innovation in the Willamina School District is a crucial piece for creating new economic opportunities for the town. By integrating current industry best practices, such as agile methodologies, into the way students are taught, they become better prepared for the new...

Making Change Together

West Valley Food Initiative

Food, it brings people together, it creates community. Our aim is to celebrate and strengthen our community’s economic resilience and health through food independence. We will build connections as we share food, food growing, food stories, preservation, education and histories of the abundance of food around us here in the West Valley. Learn more.


Willamina is a community with rich history and possibility.  From farms to music to technology, our goal is to share our story with the world. Learn more.


The Innovate Willamina initiative brings our school, community and businesses together to learn the skills and mindsets of innovation that are needed to drive economic growth in our region.  Here are some things people are saying:

Dennis Ulrich

Dennis Ulrich

Business Owner

“Being a business owner, this is an exciting time. High speed internet is a tool that can be used to bring new businesses into Willamina. I intend to initiate projects that will use a collaboration between schools, businesses, community and the Innovate program.”

Dave Buswell

Dave Buswell

Community Member

“Our town has a lot of potential. As a multi-generational community member, parent and grandparent, I want to help make Willamina a place of opportunity for our kids and a destination for businesses and residents.”

Carrie Zimbrick

Carrie Zimbrick

Superintendent, Willamina Schools

“There is a lot of potential for our kids here in Willamina. We want to make our community a place of learning that empowers them to be the makers, creators and problem solvers of our future.”

Eleanore Stritzke

Eleanore Stritzke


“As a ten year old girl I think the Innovate Willamina program will open up lots more opportunities for me and many others. The make-a-thon was the beginning of that and I had a blast doing it. I hope it can grow and do what it set out to do, and I know I will be there to help it do so.”


Willamina Civic Club Relaunches

The Willamina Civic Club is a non-profit organization established to stimulate pride in our community by its citizens. They would like to help make Willamina a safe and desirable place to live. The Civic Club was first started in 1932.  It was recently revived in...

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Innovate Willamina Youth Council Kick-Off

The Innovate Willamina Youth Council held its first meeting on May 1st at the Willamina Public Library. The meeting was attended by several youth and a few adult advisors. They are all members of the community who are interested in lending a hand to our town. The...

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What is 10 Gig Internet?

Willamina is receiving a state of the art fiber-optic Internet network. It will be the 4th 10 Gigabit city in the nation! But what does that mean exactly? Read on to find out what this could mean for the community, and for you! 10 Gig 10 Gig refers to the speed in...

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Innovate Willamina is partnering with OnlineNW to offer incredible opportunities to build new opportunity here in Willamina! OnlineNW is constructing a high-speed fiber optic network in Willamina, making Willamina the fourth 10 gigabit city in the entire nation. A percentage from each subscriber’s bill for this service will be invested into an Innovation Fund for Innovate Willamina to use for seed funding of student and community innovation projects.

Learn more about OnlineNW’s service offerings.

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